Fred Baye & Company

Fred Baye & Company is a full-service, independent management and public relations firm specializing in professional management, consulting and public relations for entertainers, athletes, speakers, authors political leaders and organizations. Media relations is a specialty, with skills in creating news, imaging, branding and developing campaigns that focus on national, regional or local exposure.

If you have a need for management, public or media relations services contact us for strategies that we can work on to enhance your career, vision or talent. Our firm provides services to clients with focuses ranging from enhanced corporate visibility, hard breaking news, or entertainment tour press. We also work a great deal among the not-for-profit community.

We specialize in Internet presence, television, radio and print media exposure, working with a variety of editors at national, regional and local media outlets. When you have a story to be told, we customize our efforts to be most beneficial to you and your needs. We maintain a strong professional relationship with the media we work with on a regular basis.